Mary Gelato Reopens as Pastelli

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Good news in this sweaty weather: Mary Gelateria has reopened in the Marais as Pastelli. The first location of Mary Quarta's artisanal gelateria shuttered back in 2014, only to be reincarnated this past year with a new name and location near the Archives. The name might have changed, but the gelato is as excellent as ever.

Peach Bellini sorbetto 

Peach Bellini sorbetto 

Mary makes each batch fresh each day from all-natural ingredients without any dyes, artificial flavors, or additives. Her gelatos and sorbettos, like the refreshing peach Champagne Bellini scoop above, are pure and intensely flavored. You'll find an unusual (by Parisian standards) selection of flavors including golden kiwi, black sesame, or avocado, in addition to the classic chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut flavors. Mary debuted on the scene in 2008 when she won the Cono d'Oro (Golden Cone) ice cream competition in Milan with her coffee gelato. She then opened her first shop in Paris along the rue Charles Dupetit-Thouars in 2009. 

Best of all, the warm welcome you receive from Mary herself hasn't changed a bit. She's still wearing pink eyeshadow and using pink scoops to serve with flair. At the new location near Rambuteau, she has a small lunch counter where she prepares hearty hot dishes like lasagna and gnocchi alongside her son's girlfriend.

Note: All of the gelatos/sorbets and even some of the lunch items are labeled as gluten-free for those with dietary restrictions.

Pastelli (Mary Gelato)

60 rue Du Temple, 75003

09 83 89 05 05

Metro: Rambuteau (11)

Open every day except Tuesday from 11am-9pm, although Mary says you can ever try stopping by on a Tuesday because she's often there.


For more on Mary/Pastelli:

  • Le Figaro lauds the new location for having "something to taste at every price!" 
  • Telerama was delighted by the "deliciously natural ice creams" and the "orgasmic hazelnut." 
  • David Lebovitz was a fan of the original spot which was "full of quirky charm: from the pink-handled gelato spades to the frappés (milkshakes) with your choice of flavors, I have a feeling each subsequent time that I go back, something is going to be different. I’m not sure what to expect, which is good, because that means she’s keeping things flexible."
  • Rachel Khoo declared it "one of the best gelaterias in town."

Impromptu Thanksgiving

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Invited 15 people to my home for an impromptu Thanksgiving. My butcher laughed in my face when I requested a turkey, large castrated rooster or even a big chicken. But Bon Marché came through with a mysterious piece of poultry the size of a toddler. It's a Thanksgiving Miracle of Miracles! 


Bonus points for the head, feet and all the organs.